We will be setting off from Birmingham on Wednesday 19th April, then walking through the Black Country and the Potteries, moving on through Cheshire to cross the Mersey at Runcorn before arriving into Liverpool on Tuesday 25th April - 100 miles in all.

Day 1: Birmingham (Wellesley House) to Wolverhampton
Day 2: Wolverhampton to Stafford
Day 3: Stafford to Stoke
Day 4: Stoke to Sandbach
Day 5: Sandbach to Northwich
Day 6: Northwich to Runcorn
Day 7: Runcorn to Liverpool

Please click on the dates on the map below for full details of each day's route and meeting times. You will see that we have given times and places for setting off after lunch as well as in the morning, so that people can join us for different parts of the route.