Boot Out Austerity - Made in Liverpool (video)

Made in Liverpool TV Appearance

Social Workers March Against Austerity! - IFSW

IFSW fully endorses the initiative of the British Association of Social Workers to highlight the serious consequences of austerity in the UK and internationally. A march organised by BASW Chairperson, Guy Shennan involved walking 100 miles from Birmingham to Liverpool arriving at the BASW AGM and Conference.

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We're walking in Orwell's footsteps to challenge austerity - why British social workers are taking to the streets - Daily Mirror

As we recreate George Orwell's Road to Wigan Pier journey, social workers tell us why they're taking to the streets to Boot Out Austerity.

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Liverpool-bound 'Boot Out Austerity' campaigners due to arrive at Pier Head today - Liverpool Echo

The Liverpool-bound 'Boot Out Austerity' campaigners are due to arrive at the Pier Head at 5.30pm today - at the end of their 100-mile walk for social justice.

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Anti-austerity campaigners march through Stoke-on-Trent - Philip Cullinane, The Stoke Sentinel

Anti-austerity campaigners staged a protest in Hanley this morning as part of a 100-mile march across England.

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Those Who Can, Protest - Hayley Meachin, The Huffington Post

Depending on which side of the political fence you’re on, we’re either teetering on the brink of oblivion or the future’s so bright we gotta wear shades. In the midst of fake news and social media firestorms about even the most seemingly innocuous comment, it can be hard to know what to think about any issue. Equally, it can be a brave act to express an opinion when you run the risk of being trolled to within an inch of your life, or worse.

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Why social workers are marching 100 miles in protest against austerity - Rory Truell, The Guardian

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW), along with people who use social services, have organised a march from Birmingham to Liverpool to call for an end to the UK government’s austerity polices. Over seven days, starting on 19 April, social workers, service users, carers and others will walk almost 100 miles, visiting food banks and social care settings under threat from funding cuts along the route, to hear from those whose lives have been devastated by austerity.

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Those wanting to 'Boot Out Austerity' won't walk alone here - Paddy Shennan, The Liverpool Echo

Sign of the times number one: Samih Kalakeche quit his job as Liverpool’s adult social care director because he was tired of axing services for the elderly and vulnerable in the city – then warned that social care services could soon disappear altogether.

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Letter to the Guardian

Zoe Williams is right, we should be doing a lot more marching (Brexit is Theresa May’s Falklands war: a weapon of mass distraction, 6 March). We need to draw attention to the ravaging impact of this government’s continuing and demonstrably failed austerity programme. That is why this coming April, together with a group of social work colleagues and people who use our services and are experiencing the brunt of the cuts and welfare reform, I will be marching 100 miles from Birmingham to Liverpool, to issue the call to Boot Out Austerity! We will set off from the head office of the British Association of Social Workers in Birmingham on 19 April, and arrive in Liverpool on 25 April, the day before our annual conference. To find out more and to join us, go to

Guy Shennan
Chair, British Association of Social Workers

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Open letter to Stoke by-election candidates

Dear Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election candidates

As Chair of the British Association of Social Workers, this April I will be walking over 100 miles in seven days, from our head office in Birmingham to Liverpool, to arrive the day before our annual conference there. I will be accompanied by social work colleagues and people with experience of using social care services, with our aim being to raise awareness of the devastating impact that austerity measures have had on people’s lives over the past seven years.

We will be arriving in Stoke on the evening of 21st April and staying there for the night, before setting off into Cheshire the next morning. 

Since 2010 Stoke has seen large reductions in central Government funding, leading to Council spending cuts of up to 30%. The loss of services will have exacerbated the hardship caused by benefit cuts and welfare reform. Homelessness and rough sleeping have increased, while children’s centres are under threat, and it is not possible to properly meet adult social care needs on current levels of funding.

What would you do as the MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central to challenge the austerity economics and public policy that is leading to this increasing human suffering and inequality in your constituency and nationally? Will you join those of us walking in April, in acting to boot out austerity? 


Guy Shennan
Chair, British Association of Social Workers