We have received support from Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, who called the walkers to speak to them as they were walking from Stoke to Sandbach, and later tweeted:

"I would be very grateful if you could relay my support for the walk you’ve all done and its aims".

Paul Farrelly MP

We have received support from Julie Ward MEP, who has tweeted:

We have received support from Peter Hooton vocalist for The Farm, who has tweeted:

We have received support from Emma Lewell-Buck MP, who has tweeted:

"I wish you well on your walk, helping to increase awareness of the Governments chronic underfunding of social work and social care. This is certainly a matter I will be raising during the General Election campaign. Please do pass on my support and best wishes to everyone involved".

Derek Twigg MP

We have received support from Helen Goodman MP, who has tweeted:

"You have my support for this initiative. Please pass on a message of support and solidarity to the marchers and please keep me informed of progress. Best wishes, John".

John McDonnell MP, Labour's Shadow Chancellor

We have received support from Collective Encounters who produce theatre for social change that excites, entertains and stimulates debate and have tweeted:

We have received support from Professor Danny Dorling of Oxford University, who has tweeted:

"Austerity has been a blight on Britain for 6 years, devastating lives. Challenging these callous policies is absolutely essential".

Mary O'Hara, author of Austerity Bites

"Austerity is causing chaos in the lives of so many, and this needs to be confronted. I fully support this walk for social justice”.

Ken Loach, whose film I, Daniel Blake is being shown in Stafford on the Thursday evening

The Unite Housing Workers Branch has agreed to formally support Boot Out Austerity.

"Best wishes for the march and your campaign"

Frank Field, MP, Birkenhead

“Best wishes to all the social workers and BASW staff who are taking place in the walk against austerity. Social workers see day in and day out the front line of what the cuts mean to people up and down this country, and I thank you and applaud you for the work you do. But sometimes it’s not enough to do social work alone – sometimes you’ve got to take a stand and speak out against the austerity which is hurting the most vulnerable. Well done for what you are doing and I hope you get the chance to rest those weary feet at a successful BASW conference this year.”

Cat Smith MP, Shadow Minister for Voter Engagement and Youth Affairs