Supporting the Boot Out Austerity walkers

The Boot Out Austerity walkers will be on the roads of the Midlands and the North in less than 5 weeks time, and about 100 people have so far expressed their intention to join the walk at some point, which is just fantastic. Deciding when to join it is now going to be much easier, with the full details being on the website -

One of the bigger issues we are dealing with is how to provide accommodation for those walkers who need it, especially people walking consecutive days. We’ve put the call out for  BASW members to offer accommodation and we’re hugely appreciative of the people who have come forward so far. We are still some way short though of having sufficient accommodation for all the nights of the walk. 

So if you’re reading this, live near the route’s stopping points, and can put any of us up overnight, please do let us know. In addition to this, if you can’t offer a bed but still want to help with accommodation, you might want to consider donating to the crowdfunder appeal we have set up -

The idea of creating a way that people could support the walk by donating in this way came in part from the generous action of the Black Country branch members, who as they couldn’t offer much accommodation in their own homes, simply booked us some twin rooms in a B&B in Wolverhampton as their donation to Boot Out Austerity. 

Not everyone can walk with us, for all sorts of reasons, and providing accommodation or donating towards the costs of accommodation enables others to be involved and makes what we are doing all the more of a collective action. And there are people who want to walk but simply could not afford to spend seven or eight days away and so spreading the costs in this way enables more people to take part and so will heighten the impact of Boot Out Austerity.

We will be booking some budget twin rooms, where available, and are likely to end up in church halls in some places, or in a tent if there is a campsite nearby. We will prioritise the needs of walkers doing all seven days, but will be trying to accommodate everyone. All help offered, in cash or kind, will be much appreciated. 

Walkers will be meeting all their other costs themselves, and if there is any surplus from donations made after accommodation has been sorted out, we will pass this on to groups and projects we meet along the way, who are supporting those directly impacted by austerity.

Guy Shennan - BASW Chair